Alaın Boyman

Alain Boyman 

Alain Boyman, born in1980 in Istanbul, starting his educational career at Evrim High School, graduated from Bilgi University School of Computer Sciences with undergraduate degree, and took his second major at Anatolian University Business Administration. Prior to Boyman Arslan Architects founded jointly with Sait Arslan in year 2009, he acquired very diversified and wide range of experience in different sectors like heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems, export of textiles and foreign trade, air curtain systems. He is ongoing his career with pleasure as the Project and finance manager of the company he is the founding partner of. As an individual with research oriented spirit, successful in team work, elevated leadership qualities, creative, open to innovations, enhanced communication skills, talented in transferring the know-how assumed in parallel to his education and experiences, dexterous in effective time management, problem solving and crisis management, and well-aware of his duties and liabilities, he is ongoing with his efforts jointly with his team mates.